By: Dania Khan

Nearing the mighty cascade
Burnt in his mind the desire to escape

Weary was he of all the pinching voices
Reminding him repeatedly of his ill choices

All that he had found serenity in was eventide
He saw her face in the orange blue skies

Her soul blazing orange like fire
Her eyes as blue as a sapphire

Her image engraved deep in his mind
But all her love and grace was now behind

For she’d gone too far away from this fight
Without a word or goodbye in the dark of the night

But was this war for love really a fight?
This thought circled his head with trite

The gloaming too comes to an end
Leaving him craving to see it again

Now he stands before the waterfall
Waiting to jump and end it all

For he has grown tired of the internal chaos
In his mind and soul that she has caused

He no longer has what it takes to be steadfast and strong
To endlessly wait for her to return and admit she was wrong

He cannot keep waiting for the needles to circle the timer
To return to the hour he gets to see her face at vesper

Stepping forward he lets it all go
The only way his pain will stop to grow

Encompassing him the torrent gushes forth
His existence comes to an end once and for all.

Dania is currently doing her A’ Levels from LGS¬†Paragon.¬†