Visiting Egypt while sitting in Lahore!

by Amal Farooq Malik.

Report on the SEPLAA YLC ‘Child Summer Leadership Development Session 2 on Research Skills & Cultural Exchange with Theme: Egypt’.

SEPLAA YLC Leadership Workshop

Joke: Did you hear about the crooked Egyptian Judge who had his ears chopped off as a punishment?

He never heard another case again.

In June during a Child Summer Leadership Development Workshop, we had an Egypt themed day. We all brought different things to share. Nabiha brought an Egyptian dish, Mahnoor brought some research, Shameer brought research, and Dina made a picture of Cleopatra, gave out necklaces and read a little from her Egypt book. Rimal shared a painting with us. She even made clay Pharaoh heads so we could paint them. Last but not least, I made a small figure of a mummified Pharaoh by the river Nile. I also read a little from my Egypt pop out book.

After we each shared what we each had brought, we painted the Pharaoh heads that Rimal brought. We then ate the Egyptian dish Nabiha brought. When we had finished we watched an online tour of The Tomb of Ramses.

Later, we watched a short video I made. I enjoyed my day in Egypt because I got to learn so many things about Egypt. I thought that the most fascinating thing was the online tour of the Tomb of Ramses because I felt like I was really in Egypt!