Thoughts: A Matter of Perception?

By: Meryum Hayat

A mere droplet of water can ignite a fire of optimism in a person’s eye that is deprived of this necessity, whereas another person may inconsiderately overlook the same droplet of water. This is a minute example of how difference of perception is surrounding us and how we conceive our world according to it.


I would like to introduce the ‘Law of Attraction’, which was initiated by William Walker Atkinson, according to which it is stated that both positive and negative thoughts can be used to attract both kinds of experiences respectively. This law can help us build a concrete and positive future if we apply it in our lives and treasure its virtues. Merely looking for the silver lining in every experience can help you attract positivity and prominence in your life.


We have to fathom the idea that thoughts and imagination are synonymous with each other and a reflection of who we portray to be. Imagination is assisted by thoughts: both positive and negative. Utopian concepts can only be applied if they are supported by positive ideologies and Utopia can only exist in our imagination because living in a world where heinous sins envelope us, it is not challenging to believe that we are having abundant trouble grasping the positive around us as compared to the negative.


It is our duty to seize the right opportunity out of all the opportunities that the Universe has to offer us and make the most out of it by exhibiting what we have learnt through different methods. It is our duty to spread positivity whether through an ordinary helping hand or by providing the unprivileged with channels through which they can promote sheer goodness.


We see examples of this law being brought to use, as throughout history, influential and significant people such as Shakespeare, Newton, Blake and Beethoven, all have conveyed their message with the aid of this law. This law’s close connection with quantum Physics does not essentially mean that the law will be impossible and enigmatic to grasp without a profound idea of quantum Physics; this law can be applied anywhere and at any time! We just have to believe that just like the Universe, there are no restrictions to our thoughts.


We have to understand that external forces can only affect and distress us if we allow them to. These external forces may comprise irrelevant and trivial comments and judgments about a particular concept. It is up to us if we allow this negativity affect us or throw this negativity over an imaginary wall in our heads where other inessential and trifling thoughts belong.


We can heighten our energetic vibration to create more positive results in our life with the help of some regular practices:


  • We need to feel as if we already have what we want. Feeling is parallel to believing, which will greatly help us to take inspired action. You attract whatever you feel and undoubtedly, you will attract the positive by believing that you already have that aspect of positivity in your life.
  • This is a channel through which we can draw attention from the negativity that we have created in our life. According to research, meditation helps promote divergent thinking: a type of thinking which continuously gives birth to creative ideas. So why not use this to promote more positive ideas in our life?
  • In order to be placed in a blissful energetic vibration, we have to use gratitude to aid us. When we appreciate our blessings and fortune, we automatically put ourselves in a positive light.


To further improve an individual’s understanding of this concept, I would like to suggest the book, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, which aims to ‘bring joy to billions’ and ‘ to share knowledge that is true, simple, and practical, and that will transform people’s lives.


Meryum is a SEPLAA YLC Student Ambassador. She is currently doing her A’ Levels from LGS 55MAIN.