Peace and Team Building Workshop-2017

By Fatima Jafar, Coordinator Seplaa Young Leader’ club. Seplaa Young Leader’s club is the name of a vision to build future leaders. Seplaa Young Leader’s club organizes different workshops and seminars for kids along with the summer camp for kids aged 8-15 years annually during summer vacations. Summer camp 2017 was all about fun and Read more about Peace and Team Building Workshop-2017[…]

Pakistani children need to be freed from Child Labour

By Momina Naveed As part of my SEPLAA YLC Peace Semester project, I chose to do research on the topic of child labour and its related dimensions, investigating why young kids are made to work, what is their own wish and why are they unable to pursue their dreams. For this purpose, I did several Read more about Pakistani children need to be freed from Child Labour[…]

The Pakistani Dream

By: Meryum Hayat Living in a society where we are surrounded by conflicting social norms, it is not difficult to believe that those opinions, which are exhibited by sources that are considered as authentic and passably superior, easily overpower those which come from relatively questionable sources. This generously contributes to the reason why the lower Read more about The Pakistani Dream[…]