SYLC International Peace Semester


The SEPLAA Young Leaders Club launched the ‘SEPLAA YLC International Peace, Social Entrepreneurship & Education School Project, 2016-2019’ in December 2015.

The project has been developed under SEPLAA and its Think Tank Impact SEPLAA World as a means to induct more and more children towards becoming inclusive community members, critical thinkers, policy influencers, team players yet independent individuals.

The SEPLAA YLC worked on this project in partnership with various schools in Pakistan, SEPLAA’s partners , SEPLAA’s international chapters and international NGOs.

What children get: Internationally recognized certificates from the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club and the SEPLAA Foundation.

Who this is designed for:

SEPLAA YLC Eagle Members: Students aged 15-18 years

Program Categories:

1. SEPLAA YLC School Program for students of Partner Schools
2. SEPLAA YLC Nexus for students who register individually with the SEPLAA YLC.

Program Status:

Completed and closed for further registrations.