SYLC Advocacy Post 1: Campaign Launched

SYLC Management Team

Under the SYLC advocacy campaign, members of the advocacy group initiated thought provoking concepts dealing with the parent theme of ‘Peace and Education’, the ideas ranging from peace building to child labour to children in leadership roles. After a lot of careful thought, it was decided that one advocacy campaign will be worked on together that will be broad enough to cover different aspects such as peace, education and child rights.

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The title for the campaign is established as, ‘SEPLAA YLC Promoting a peaceful Pakistan ensuring education and equal opportunities for all Pakistani children.’ The hashtag for the campaign, ‘GiveEveryChildAChanceToLead’ is steadily picking momentum. Research, writing, social media posts creation, graphic designing, video making, photography, event coordination and report writing are some of the activities that the children are being trained and encouraged in, under this campaign.









The advocacy campaign will continue for the duration of the program which is three years.