SYLC 100 Leaves Campaign Part 1: The Advocacy Plan

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SEPLAA Report: The SEPLAA Young Leaders Amal Farooq Malik (13) and Dina Farooq Malik (11), attended the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Colombo from 17th-19th October 2016. It was a great learning opportunity for the young leaders who got to attend 8 technical sessions on climate change and networked with climate change professionals from almost 60 countries.

SEPLAA Young Leaders Amal and Dina Farooq Malik with school children in Sri Lanka.

SEPLAA YLC at APAN Colombo highlights.

The SEPAA Young Leaders also conducted the ‘SYLC 100 Leaves Campaign’ to highlight the need for environment preservation and climate change adaptation. They had been doing research and preparing art work for this advocacy campaign since they completed the SYLC semester on ‘Creativity for Change- Climate Change Adaptation’ in September 2016.

Photography & Text: Dina Farooq Malik

During the SYLC 100 Leaves campaign, which consists of over 100 photographs taken and art work created by the young environment advocates, they have also highlighted diversity of cultures.

Design & Text: Amal Farooq Malik

The campaign was conducted in Sri Lanka which was also the venue for the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. Amal and Dina Malik  reported live from the Forum and also highlighted parts of the conference in their ‘SYLC 100 Leaves’ campaign. To view all that they shared please follow the hashtag #sylc100leaves or view the campaign facebook photo album in the link below:

SYLC 100 Leaves International Environment Campaign Pictures. 

The SEPLAA Young Leaders created a campaign report, a video and a social media hashtag advocacy stream to emphasize all that they learnt about climate change adaptation.

Dina Farooq Malik with her students of grade 2 Section A at Ameen Maktab.

Upon their return to Pakistan in November 2016, Amal and Dina reached out to underprivileged school children with all that they learnt and shared some of their ideas with them. They conducted creative act activities centered around the preservation of the environment with the children as well.

Spreading ideas in the young for environment preservation.
Amal Malik teaching her class about climate change adaptation.
Dina Malik explaining about the group activity to be conducted on the environment.






Amal Malik with her students of Grade 2 section B at Ameen Maktab.








They will also be finding other opportunities to spread the information about the importance of climate change adaptation and give their recommendations to what children can do to help their world.