Sustainable Business Programs

At SYLC, we are committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, and one of our most exciting projects is ‘Sustainable Businesses.’ Here’s a glimpse into what we do:

🌱 Empowering Future Entrepreneurs: We believe in the power of youth to drive change. Our ‘Sustainable Businesses’ project is all about nurturing young minds to become innovative, eco-conscious entrepreneurs.

🌍 Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. Through this project, we work with young leaders to develop business ideas that not only thrive but also make a positive impact on our planet.

💡 Innovative Solutions: We encourage out-of-the-box thinking. In ‘Sustainable Businesses,’ we explore creative and sustainable solutions to real-world problems, fostering a generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs.

🤝 Collaboration: Our club provides a collaborative platform where young leaders connect, learn, and grow together. Through mentorship and peer support, we help turn dreams into sustainable businesses. 

Sustainable Fashion Jewelery brand 'LOOF' by Dina Malik

We provide:

Sustainable business incubation group sessions under the guidance of Seplaa experts.

  • Promoting youth run sustainable businesses 

Join us in the journey of creating a better future through entrepreneurship and sustainability. Explore our ‘Sustainable Businesses’ project and discover how you can be a part of this transformative experience.

Together, we can build a greener, more prosperous world, one sustainable business at a time. Join us today!