Special art with special children

The SEPLAA Young Leaders held an art colouring activity with special children at Ameen Maktab. At first the young leaders Amal, Dina and Zaina, were also shy but they were soon interacting with ease with the very special children. The art sheets were prepared by Dina Malik, the concept was given by Zaina Malik (‘Who we are and where we live’.) and the activity was conducted by Amal Malik.

These activities have a two fold impact:

1. Giving the special children an opportunity to try something different.

2. Giving young leaders an opportunity to interact with special children on their own.








There is very little adult supervision in these activities to allow the young leaders to navigate their own way. We have been conducting these activities since almost 1 1/2 year now and see a remarkable difference in the children we visit and the children who visit them 🙂

Inclusive is beautiful!