Social Media- A menace for students?

By Nayha Bano Khan,

SEPLAA Summer Intern 2015.

It is believed that social media is a blessing for students, considering the multiple ways in which it aids students in their studies, especially in the field of research. However, many students have been plagued by its negative influence. Instead of using it to their advantage to improve in their studies, students have become too attached to it and as a result, their performance in school is being dragged down.

Whether a student is doing homework or studying for an upcoming exam or quiz, there is always the temptation to check his or her phone to see if there is a new message from a friend, or any new update on a favorite social media website. This temptation slowly grows upon the student, until he or she finally gives up and promises to check the phone for only ‘five minutes’. These five minutes turn into a much longer time, until they slide into hours. The homework lies neglected. There is no preparation for any test or quiz. This is not something that happens only occasionally; it has turned out to become a regular thing. This negligence on the students’ part keeps growing. As a result, the student suffers in his studies in the long run and is put at a disadvantage.

Not only have parents become well aware of this issue and are trying their best to control this situation, students are also realizing their loss. Once a student’s A* in his or her favorite subject drops down to a B, that is when the realization hits. The students starts thinking ‘’If only I had spent that one hour studying for the test instead of wasting time playing games online, this would never have happened… ”

Thus, time management is something, which needs to be handled very carefully. A balance between studies and leisure time is necessary in order to become successful as well as have peace of mind.