SEPLAA Young Leaders Club School Ambassadors Trainings held for 2016

By Nayha Bano Khan

Editor SYLC Young Leaders Blog.

Following the recruitment of School Ambassadors for the SEPLAA Young Leaders Club, a meeting was held on Tuesday, 22nd December 2015, to brief the student ambassadors about the particulars of the exciting new program they would soon partake in. Due to the large pool of ambassadors, the meeting was spread over two days; students from three schools were called to the SEPLAA Foundation office on Tuesday, whereas the student ambassadors selected from the rest of the schools were to be called in the following day, i.e. Wednesday, the 23rd of December. Student Ambassadors from Beacon House TNS, Beacon House Defence, Beacon House ALGC, LGS Defence, LGS 55 Main and Beacon House Newlands attended the training sessions.

Ambassadors 2

The meeting commenced with the Director SYLC & Founder SEPLAA Foundation, Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, introducing herself and her new program. When the student ambassadors were questioned about their reasons for wanting to join the program, most of them appeared vague. However, this was soon changed in the next couple of hours. The students were given thorough details of the program, the benefits it would bring to both the students and their schools, and other significant elements about the position. After an extremely detailed session, students left the meeting with renewed passion and a sense of purpose, eager to start spreading the word about the Young Leaders Club to their friends and family.

The main task confronting the ambassadors is to spread the word about the SEPLAA Young Leaders Club membership drives, school projects and core community issues within their own schools and amongst peers.

Ambassadors 4

The incentives of the program presented to the ambassadors heightened their fervor which not only encouraged the students, but also made them realize that the program was also working in their interests, with careful considerations regarding their futures.


Throughout the three-hour session, students remained engaged in a highly interactive discussion about the program, asking questions and gaining deeper and deeper interest into the program. By the time the session ended, it was clear to all that this was an excellent opportunity that would benefit the Student Ambassadors in many ways, as well as providing a platform of learning and making new friends!