School Rules

By Dina Farooq Malik, Age 8

This poem was written by Dina for the 7th Children’s Literature Festival held in Lahore which she read aloud during the Closing Ceremony.


Dina reading her poem at the Children's Literature Festival

I love to go to school,

Because Maths is really cool,


My teacher tells me to take a stool,

And not think about the pool!


She asks me to read aloud,

And I read out my poem very loud


About the monster who’d drool,

And she thinks it’s very cool!


On school trips, I remember the rule,

Never touch the drivers’ tool!


But the bus driver is sometimes cruel,

Because he forgets to put in the fuel!


Then I imagine riding a mule,

Hoping I don’t look like a fool


All the way to school!

Where I can play in the pool!