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Rosie Reads – Seplaa Young Leaders' Club International

Rosie Reads

A Poem by Amal Farooq Malik, Age 10 years.

From the book ‘Amalishous, a collection of short stories and poems’ by Amal Farooq Malik.

Amal reading aloud her poem at the Children's Literature Festival


This poem was read aloud by Amal during the Closing Ceremony of the 7th Children’s Literature Festival held in Lahore.

Little Rosie, oh so small,

Not too short and not too tall,


Wakes up early morning when it’s bright,

When the sky is being filled with light,


It’s so quiet so she takes a look,

At the shelf and takes out her favourite book


She takes a seat,

She starts to read,


With a cup of hot chocolate as a drink,

She reads about the house that will shrink,


Rosie catches the bus for school,

As she does she reads the news,


In her day,

She reads away,


Little Rosie, oh so small,

Not too short and not too tall.



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