Thalassemia Awareness Ambassador Training & the SEPLAA Umeed Fund

The SEPLAA Thalassemia Awareness Ambassador Training:

The SEPLAA Thalassemia Awareness Ambassador Training is held once a year in May to mark the International Thalassemia Day. On this day, children and youth are made aware of the problems faced by children with thalassemia and other blood disorders and given information to help control this disease.

To see a list of our Thalassemia Ambassadors for the year 2013 please see link.

The SEPLAA Umeed Fund has been created to bring ‘hope’ to children who are suffering from blood disorders. And patients of blood disorders and those who undergo or need to undergo dangerous bone marrow transplants can well understand the importance of that one word…Through The SEPLAA Umeed Fund we want to bring a message of hope to these sick children because they can get better and can in fact even have completely normal lives!  Imagine how this can save not just one life but the lives of the family members of the child who live under a constant sword hanging over their heads…

You can help save these lives!

Your donations will:

1. Help these children who have to repeatedly be admitted in hospital for risky blood transfusions get the requisite transfusions on time.

2. Help towards the permanent and complete cure of those children who undergo bone marrow transplants.

3. Give these deserving children the chance to have a normal life where they don’t have to constantly worry about blood, transfusions, weakness, palour, headaches and the after effects of chelation therapies.

The SEPLAA Umeed Fund works with the SEPLAA Centre For Blood Disorders, the online forum that has been helping bone marrow transplant patients with guidance, information and support since 2010 and has already helped several bone marrow transplant patients with free guidance.

Sponsor, donate or help in fundraising for The SEPLAA Umeed Fund and we will not only give you a warm mention on our website but on behalf of the sick children that you will be helping, we would also like to thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity!

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