By: Dania Khan

Prancing through the forest
Was an eager florist

Her eyes gazed around
To sight a flower no one had ever found

Her soul lit up as she saw
A rose so rare without any flaw

But guarding it was a blue bird
Who were very possessive she had heard

She took the flower any way
But a few days later to her dismay

The bird chirped and pecked at her peace
Finishing her soul piece by piece

She loved the flower all too much
But now the situation was such

She had snatched what wasn’t hers
And suffered the agony she thought she deserved

So in the dark of the night
She returned to the forest to end this fight

Carefully she laid down the rose
Gloom surrounding her head to toes

The bird awoke to see the rose beside
The joy in her chirps could not subside

But the flower had wilted
Without the florist he had befriended

Blue bird realized too little too late
She had done nothing but broken love and destroyed her own fate

Dania is an A’ Level student studying at Lahore Grammar School, Paragon.