Pakistani Child Advocate speaks at Global Youth Forum on Climate Change

Colombo- Pakistani child, Dina Fraooq Malik (11) was selected as the only Pakistani and youngest participant to speak at the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change (GYFCC) as part of the Sri Lanka Next Conference & Exhibition at Colombo on 18th October, 2016. The GYFCC was attended by 200 international participants including students, academia, media and experts.































In 2016, Dina developed the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club Botanical Garden by planting trees and developing a roof top garden to help promote green architecture in Lahore. She has also taken active part in youth policy dialogues on climate change adaptation under the SYLC Creativity for Change Semester. Since Dina has a keen interest in art and green architecture, she spoke about ‘Climate Resilient Development: Promoting Green Architecture for homes and offices.’

“With the changing weather patterns that have resulted in longer and harsher summers in Pakistan and flash floods occurring almost annually, there is a dire need to adapt to climate related hazards. Climate- proofing of buildings and homes is the need of the hour now more than ever to minimize the effects of climate change.” explained Dina.

She further elaborated that “Climate-proofing can be done with both reusable building material in construction or low cost and low energy consuming materials that do not put a strain on natural resource reserves. For buildings that are already constructed, the concept of ‘Green Roof Conversion’ can help reduce the effects of excess heat and pollution. In this concept, plants, trees and even grass can be placed on roof tops that can convert the roofs into roof top gardens and green sanctuaries for birds.”

She concluded that 2016 is being considered a year of Green Buildings in Pakistan with the Punjab Government also showing an active interest in covering government office buildings with plants and creating green belts within the city.