Our Partners

The Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club International is a project of the Seplaa Enterprises which is a consortium of social enterprises based in Pakistan. Our partners and friends since 2012 include:
  1. SEPLAA Foundation (Independent NGO)
  2. Istanbul & I, Istanbul, Turkey.
  3. Yusra Community Centre, Istanbul.
  4. Ameen Maktab, Lahore.
  5. Rising Sun School for Special Children, Lahore.
  6. Alam Bibi Trust, Lahore.
  7. WWF, Pakistan.
  8. Beacon House TNS, Lahore.
  9. Beacon House ALGC, Lahore.
  10. Star School, Islamabad.
  11. SOS Children’s Village, Lahore.
  12. Children’s Complaint Office, Ombudsman’s Office, Government of the Punjab.
If you are interested in supporting our causes or becoming a partner institute, then please write to us at contact.seplaa@gmail.com.