My name is Earth…

By Amal Farooq Malik

Co Founder SYLC & Editor SYLC Childrens’ Voice Blog


Hello, I’m terribly hurt can you help me?

Please, first start off by planting a tree.

Now help out those sea creatures who can’t plead,

Stop polluting the sea and fulfil their need.

This smoke makes me cough and it’s hard to talk.

Let’s stop this and use a bicycle or walk.

Yuck! Don’t use those old plastic shopping bags!

Why don’t you use a re-usable bag with your own special tag!

While brushing your teeth or washing your car,

Don’t waste water. Good, here’s a golden star!

Thank you for looking after me, but I have seen

That these days people are being very mean.

Don’t be like that, and be kind to me,

Because I am Earth, and I will always be.


Amal is a student of grade 7 at the Lahore Grammar School, Defence.