December 6, 2012

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Press Release 1st December, 2012

Launch of the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club Website

The SEPLAA Foundation launched its first children’s project the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club, the First International Forum run by children for children in Pakistan today in Lahore. The official website was also launched the same day.  Children aged 7-10 were invited to the launch with their parents.

The children took part in art activities and were later introduced to the club by Amal Farooq Malik, the Founder of the SEPLAA YLC. Later they were shown the website and were told about the ‘Children’s Voice’ Blog on the website where the children’s articles, stories and art work about Pakistan and its social issues will be posted for the world to see.

 The SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club has a  Central Region Office in Pakistan with Amal Farooq Malik as the Founder (Age 9 years) and Dina Farooq Malik as the Co Founder (Age 7 years). The USA Chapter has Saad Ali Khan who is the first International  Chapter Leader (Age 11 years) and Zoeya Ayesha Khan as the second International Chapter Leader (Age 8 years).

International Chapters in Saudi Arabia, U.K., Canada and China are undergoing the registration process for joining the SEPLAA YLC.

The SEPLAA YLC has the Mission:                                        

  • To raise funds for really sick children who suffer from blood disorders such as thalassemia and for those who require bone marrow transplants in Pakistan.
  • To raise funds for the education of poor and underprivileged school children in Pakistan.
  • To create awareness and be action oriented leaders in the conservation of our environment internationally.
  • To train and create young leaders within our community.

The SEPLAA YLC has the Vision to reach out with their mission internationally so that the voice of really sick or poor underprivileged school children in Pakistan is spread out to the world by those children who are lucky enough to have warm beds, food to eat and the will to do something bigger and better with their lives.

The SEPLAA YLC wants our children to become young leaders to bridge cultural differences through their online community platform and become friends for a better tomorrow.

Membership is open at the Club and the Founders are already forging partnerships with the Office of Ombudsman Punjab’s Children Complaint Office, under privileged children in schools in Kasur and International Children’s Hospitals in Italy and the U.S. to promote their community work in the areas of health and education in Pakistan.

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