Litter Walk

By Amal Farooq Malik, Age 9 years.

Recently, I went on an environment walk. The event was an awareness walk and it took place in Lahore Defence.  On the roads I saw lots of signs about the big walk. I went to the walk because I wanted to get some exercise.

There were lots of people at the walk. Some people were littering their empty plastic bottles at the sides of the road. Other people didn’t care about picking and throwing the litter in the bin. They just cared about walking and they kept kicking the bottles around the road. Why should it be called the environment walk when most of the people are littering? Maybe they should have called it the “Litter Walk”.

A good thing about the walk was that we took a few minutes of our time to think about the environment. Some suggestions from me are that when they gave those long speeches at the end of the walk in a big tent they should have made them a bit more clear and interesting so that the younger kids would have also liked to listen and understand.