By: Rizwaneh Rahman

Treading along the sands of time,
Helpless, unable and discouraged.
Longing for an oasis of hope,
Inside this parched land of despair.
Oh, I see it now! The moisture and trees,
Longing to be explored.
Yet, as I draw closer, they disappear,
Leaving me surrounded by vultures of ebony wings;
By Death.
As I resist, they persist, never failing to cease.
Determined they are, regardless of my pleas.
And in an instant, I am transformed within this place,
No longer surrounded by wings of ebony, but of gold.
With no pain and no woes and my sins
Washed away by the light while I listen to songs
Of heavenly hope.

Rizwaneh is an O’Level student, studying at Lahore Grammar School, Defence.