Lahore Wintertime: A Frigid Tale

By: Nayha Bano Khan, Editor SYLC Young Leaders’ Blog

Living in a city that undergoes seemingly endless, exceptionally hot summers, it comes as no surprise that most Lahoris eagerly look forward towards the arrival of the end of the year, a time they can spend enjoying cool, frigid breezes while at the same time, exhibiting their brand new coats and boots. This time, however, when January rolled around, people could be heard asking each other, “iss saal sardiyan hee nahi ayein?” Even until last week, people were starting to get ready for packing away their woollies and announcing the coming of spring, but were then suddenly hit by a pleasant surprise: a blast of unexpected, rigid cold, that pierced the outside air like a sharp needle.

Heaters were turned up many degrees, the warmest of sweaters dug out from closets, and efforts made to drive extra carefully amidst the haze of fog clouding the roads in early mornings. For many, the arrival of a cold winter was associated with munching on platters of dry fruit by the fireplace, drinking steaming mugs of kashmiri chai, and getting a chance to showcase the latest fashions. Although many people hope that such weather persists, the position of the necessitous should also be kept in mind, and efforts made to ensure that even they encounter a comfortable, happy winter.


Nayha is an A’ Level student at the Lahore Grammar School, Defence.