International Environment Campaign Launched by Pakistani Children

Colombo- The SEPAA Young Leaders will be conducting an international environment preservation campaign called the ‘SYLC 100 Leaves Campaign’ to highlight the need for environment preservation and climate change adaptation from 14th- 20th October, 2016. The campaign comes as a follow up activity of the SEPLAA Young Leader’s Club semester on ‘Creativity for Change- Climate Change Adaptation’ which was held from August t0 September 2016.

During the ‘SYLC 100 Leaves’ campaign, which will consist of 100 photographs and art work, the children will also be highlighting diversity of cultures.

The campaign will be conduced from Colombo, Sri Lanka, which is also the venue for the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. Amal Malik (13) and Dina Malik (11) have been accepted to attend the international conference on climate change adaptation from the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club, Pakistan.


They will also report live from the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Venue in Colombo and will highlight parts of the conference in their ‘SYLC 100 Leaves’ campaign.

See more of the ‘SYLC 100 Leaves’ campaign pictures.