Start a Chapter

  • Though the SEPLAA YLC will operate primarily in Pakistan for Pakistani children, children from all over the world can join us and start a Chapter in their respective countries.
  • To Register:
  • Please deposit Rs. 5000 or USD 50 in our A/C # : 00270103206209 or Give the following swift code no.: ASCMPKKA to your local bank to be able to send us any amount as Membership Fee for the year.
  • You can contact Mrs. Sanniah Hassan to answer any queries that you may have at 92 322 8054700 or email her at
 What you can do as International Chapter Leaders!:
    1. Volunteer for The Amal Fund fundraising
    2. Spread the Word about the SEPLAA YLC
    3. Sponsor a child’s education themselves or through getting people involved (Fundraising  through creative activities)
    4. Take part in our art competitions and contribute to the Children’s Voice Blog.

To register as a Chapter Leader, please write to us with your name, picture and interests at

Some further guidelines will be mailed to you from time to time after you have registered.

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