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School Support Programs

The SEPLAA Foundation’s Seeds of Education Project focuses on adopting specific schools for under privileged children, in the hope to cultivate the young minds towards positive energies and ideas.

Distinctive Features of Adopted Schools:

Some of our adopted schools cater to children of domestic workers who work in the homes of the Defence Housing Authority in Lahore. Most of these children also end up becoming child domestic workers when their parents are not able to pay their school fee, thus depriving them of a chance to get basic education. Several of these children have at least one sibling working as a child domestic worker or as a domestic worker in the nearby D.H.A. residential areas. Their school premises offer no room for imagination or mental growth.

The SEPLAA Foundation has devised different programs to help support such schools and increase the enrollment of girls in particular. Most of these children are not regular at school as their parents are not able to support them on a regular basis. We are trying to find sponsors who can support at least 500 students, whose educational progress and needs are going to be monitored by the SEPLAA Foundation. Please see the different programs below to see where and how you can play your part to support these children. They really want to learn and improve their lives! You can help make a deserving child’s dream come true.

For more information, please write to us at info@seplaayoungleadersclub.org

School Support Program 1:

  • Rs.500/month/child
  • Or Rs. 6,500/- for the year to pay for one underprivileged child’s school support including tuition fee, books + course material, activities and stationary.

School Support Program 2:

  • Rs.1000/ month for Library support, play area support, building repair and maintenance.
  • Rs.3,000/- to Rs.6,000/month for teachers’ salaries to cater to at least 20 students per month.

Help us sponsor just 500 students as a start! Your contribution just might make 500 children better citizens and save them from the evils of ignorance and crime. These children need your help now!

The following clip shows that these child domestic workers and children of domestic workers are very talented. Often such talent when not channelized towards positive activities, falls victim to criminal activities due to extreme poverty and lack of opportunities:

See video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd8tr-xkqCI

It doesn’t take too much to help them smile with us!

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