Girls For Climate Action 2019

Girls for Climate Action-Book

Girls’ voices matter in climate change adaptation and raising awareness because young girls are the generation that is going to be most affected by the harmful results of climate change. Yet, very few children/young girls in particular are seen leading in the struggle for climate change adaptation advocacy. In August 2010, after the massive Pakistan floods, the Co Founders of the Seplaa Young Leaders Club International, Amal Malik (6 1/2) and Dina Malik (5), embarked on the journey to learn more about the impact of climate change on our world and to share their experiences with others over art and environment awareness activities, adventures, meeting extraordinary people, attending conferences and learning covered over several countries in Asia.  The project is covered as a resource book called Journey of a Hundred Leaves, with Part A being the story, reports and research compiled as ‘Girls for Climate Action’ (2021) and Part B being the story depicted in art form forthcoming 2022.

Girls for Climate Change is a fantastic story of two young Pakistani sisters who pushed the boundaries to explore different ways of how they can give back to their community and to their environment. Amal has compiled the work she and her sister did since 2008 in this collection of researched pieces, simple reports and pictures following the activities of the girls.

The book gives many ideas to parents who are raising action oriented children and to young girls, about how to best care for their community and environment.

The book was completed in December 2021 and will be launched with Part B in August 2022. 

Girls For Climate Action

Author: Amal Farooq Malik

Date of completion: December 2021

Date of launch: August 2022

Publisher: Impact World Press

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The Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club has been promoting girls in climate action since 2010. Climate change affects girls in multiple ways and girls can respond to adapt in numerous dimensions. As young leaders, we want to engage with youth to discuss the pressing issues of climate change.

SYLC held 4 ‘Girls for Climate Action’ Advocacy Dialogues with youth and experts in the July and August 2019.

The topics of our Climate Action Youth Dialogues were:

  1. Cities & Local Action
  2. Regional Challenges & Solutions in Energy
  3. Regional Challenges & Solutions in Infrastructure.
  4. Resilience & Adaptation

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