Events in 2016

The SEPLAA Young Leaders conducted the following events in 2016:

  1. January- April 2016: International Peace Semester
  2. Puppet Show on WASH at Ameen Maktab.
  3. Creative monthly Art activities with Ameen Maktab
  4. August 2016: Climate Change Advocacy Semester
  5. October 2016: International SEPLAA YLC Climate Change Advocacy Campaign (Lahore & Colombo)
  6. October 2016: SYLC Presents at the Global Forum For Climate Change Adaptation, Sri Lanka
  7. October 2016: SYLC representation as the youngest delegates at the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum.
  8. November 2016: Climate Change Adaptation & Art session with underprivileged children.
  9. December 2016: Creative Recycling Activity with special children.