Dina Farooq Malik

Co-Founder Seplaa YLC, 2012-2022

Advisor Sustainable Art Program SYLCI, 2024

Business Owner LOOF
Dina Farooq Malik, SYLCI

Dina remained the Co-Founder of the Seplaa YLCI from 2012-2022 and is presently transitioning into her role as ‘Advisor, Sustainable Art Program’ at the Seplaa Young Leaders Club International. 

As an A’ Level student at the Lahore Grammar School, she manages her time between her studies, art, community work and business. She manages her sustainable fashion jewelry and creative arts business  ‘LOOF- Linesonourfaces’, which  contributes 10% of profits to support 15 million individuals suffering from mental health problems in Pakistan – Dina is operating the business globally has had customers from Pakistan and the UK.  In 2025, she wants to start scaling her business.     

Dina's Role as the Co-Founder of SYLC

Highlights 2012-2022

Dina has actively contributed to community development in Pakistan since she was only 3 ½ years old. Since the age of 4 she had been creating 3 D models with paper and recycled material, showing an early inclination towards art and conservation. 

Dina was the first Pakistani child to receive a ‘Thank You’ letter for her art work on the environment and is in the top 2000 at the age of 7 for the International Painting Competition ‘In My Homeland’ held by Green

Cross Belarus. Out of 15,500 entries from 31 different countries all over the world, only a few hundred got ‘Thank you letters.’

Over the years, Dina contributed in several events that promoted art and literacy for children by being a speaker at UNIEF (2013), at the Oxford University Press Literacy Festival (2013) and at the Khayal Literature Festival (2013). 


Dina organizing Seplaa YLC Youth & Community Activities

The Seplaa Young Leaders Club partnered with the

SEPLAA Foundation in numerous community

activities including flood relief work, Ramadan food drives and health drives. 

Youth Dialogue on Cities & Local Action

Youngest International Speaker at the Global Youth Forum Sri Lanks, 2016

In 2016, as part of her project for the SYLC ‘Creativity For Change Semester’, she developed the SEPLAA YLC Botanical Garden by planting trees and developing a roof top garden to help promote green architecture in Lahore. She has also taken active part in youth policy dialogues on climate change adaptation held under the semester. In addition to this, she conducted numerous activities with underprivileged children in Lahore in critical thinking, art and climate change awareness.

Dina participated as the youngest delegate amongst 800 international delegates from 60 countries at the 3-Day 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She was also selected as the youngest and only Pakistani speaker for the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change in Colombo, where 200 Sri Lankan and international youth and academics participated. She presented her paper on ‘Climate Resilient Development: Promoting Green Architecture for homes and offices.’

Dina as the youngest Speaker in ADB and UNEP Conference, Manila 2018

In October 2018, Dina was invited as the youngest opening plenary speaker at the 6th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum held at the Asian Development Bank head quarters in Manila, Philippines.  

Dina is an artist and likes to explore and blog about what art means to her.  She has a keen interest in art, climate change, social entrepreneurship and is passionate about cooking and travelling.

Watch Dina's speaking slot at the UNEP when she was just 13!
Dina Malik with her art work at Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, Manila, 2018

Other Activities by Dina Malik

LOOF- Sustainable Fusion Jewelry by Dina Farooq Malik

In 2021, Dina started her sustainable fusion jewelry business by incorporating Western designs in Eastern themes and materials. She has been shipping her products to customers in Pakistan and the UK. 

Journey of A Hundred Leaves Book Published 2023

Dina has complied her art work for the social enterprise book project ‘Journey of a Hundred Leaves’ (2023) written with Amal Farooq Malik, in which they have documented the work the girls did with over 1000 underprivileged and special children in Pakistan on awareness about climate change adaptation, peace and critical thinking through art, theatre and dialogues. Dina has conducted activities with underprivileged children at Ameen Maktab, Alam Bibi Trust, Rising Sun School for Special Children and SOS Children’s Village.

Positions & Advisory Role

In 2022, Dina was selected to become the ‘Didot Global Sustainability Ambassador‘ to promote sustainability through art and advocacy. 

In 2024, following her commitment and interest to art and advocacy, Dina is transitioning into her new role as the Seplaa Young Leaders Club International Advisor to the ‘SYLCI Sustainable Art  Program’.