SYLC Advocacy Post 4: Be the Change You Want to See

By Nawa Ziest Ul Bushra, SYLC Peace Semester 2016 Participant  As part of the SEPLAA YLC Advocacy Campaign ‘Give Every Child a Chance to Lead’, this is an overview of the situation of children and their education in Pakistan- SYLC Team Universal declaration of human rights clearly declares education as a fundamental human right which Read more about SYLC Advocacy Post 4: Be the Change You Want to See[…]

SYLC Advocacy Post 3: The Power of Good

By: Meryum Hayat, SYLC Peace Semester 2016 Participant We live in a society where ignoring the underprivileged has become a common norm. We are often so engaged in our own bubble of life that we just inconsiderately dismiss the social issues surrounding us, as long as they do not have a direct negative impact on Read more about SYLC Advocacy Post 3: The Power of Good[…]

SYLC Advocacy Post 2: Bridging Differences

By Sadaf Usman, SYLC Team The SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club is a project of SEPLAA, a social enterprise that was launched in 2012. Running under the supervision of experts, SYLC is a one-of-its-kind initiative, run by children for children to explore the avenues of creativity, critical thinking , awareness, leadership and teamwork. Working on these Read more about SYLC Advocacy Post 2: Bridging Differences[…]

SYLC Advocacy Post 1: Campaign Launched

SYLC Management Team Under the SYLC advocacy campaign, members of the advocacy group initiated thought provoking concepts dealing with the parent theme of ‘Peace and Education’, the ideas ranging from peace building to child labour to children in leadership roles. After a lot of careful thought, it was decided that one advocacy campaign will be worked on Read more about SYLC Advocacy Post 1: Campaign Launched[…]

The Pakistani Dream

By: Meryum Hayat Living in a society where we are surrounded by conflicting social norms, it is not difficult to believe that those opinions, which are exhibited by sources that are considered as authentic and passably superior, easily overpower those which come from relatively questionable sources. This generously contributes to the reason why the lower Read more about The Pakistani Dream[…]

Video Games or Lego Blocks?

By: Nayha Bano Khan, Editor SYLC Young Leaders’ Blog Recently, while I was watching my three- year old cousin expertly mastering a new racing game on an iPad, I felt a pang of pity instead of pride. Is this what the experience of childhood for toddlers had reduced to? Will their early years be characterized Read more about Video Games or Lego Blocks?[…]

Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery

By: Meryum Hayat Everyday, we face different situations that manage to stretch a smile across our face. It can be some humorous encounter, a mere helping hand, and, admittedly, sometimes even someone else’s veiled torment. Just recently, I visited the Mall of Lahore, which has been accommodating a couple of parrots since the last two Read more about Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery[…]

Water: A Gift

By: Shahzeb Khan Water is truly important, Arrives from a source distant, Every year we have monsoon showers, Which bring to life, attractive flowers, All of us need water for our health, Whether or not we possess any wealth, Children anticipate jumping in the pool, Especially on hot days in school, Next to our cities Read more about Water: A Gift[…]