Pakistani children need to be freed from Child Labour

By Momina Naveed As part of my SEPLAA YLC Peace Semester project, I chose to do research on the topic of child labour and its related dimensions, investigating why young kids are made to work, what is their own wish and why are they unable to pursue their dreams. For this purpose, I did several Read more about Pakistani children need to be freed from Child Labour[…]

Report on SYLC International Dialogue on Women in Global Peace

Report by Sadaf Sajid & Amna Liaqat.  On Saturday 16th April, the SEPLAA YLC held their third International Skype session with Ms. Katarzyna Szutkowski from the US. Ms. Szutkowski’s work primarily focuses on women in the political arena, women in education and women in the workforce including the family laws and family dynamics that govern their Read more about Report on SYLC International Dialogue on Women in Global Peace[…]

The Pakistani Dream

By: Meryum Hayat Living in a society where we are surrounded by conflicting social norms, it is not difficult to believe that those opinions, which are exhibited by sources that are considered as authentic and passably superior, easily overpower those which come from relatively questionable sources. This generously contributes to the reason why the lower Read more about The Pakistani Dream[…]

Video Games or Lego Blocks?

By: Nayha Bano Khan, Editor SYLC Young Leaders’ Blog Recently, while I was watching my three- year old cousin expertly mastering a new racing game on an iPad, I felt a pang of pity instead of pride. Is this what the experience of childhood for toddlers had reduced to? Will their early years be characterized Read more about Video Games or Lego Blocks?[…]

Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery

By: Meryum Hayat Everyday, we face different situations that manage to stretch a smile across our face. It can be some humorous encounter, a mere helping hand, and, admittedly, sometimes even someone else’s veiled torment. Just recently, I visited the Mall of Lahore, which has been accommodating a couple of parrots since the last two Read more about Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery[…]

Lahore Wintertime: A Frigid Tale

By: Nayha Bano Khan, Editor SYLC Young Leaders’ Blog Living in a city that undergoes seemingly endless, exceptionally hot summers, it comes as no surprise that most Lahoris eagerly look forward towards the arrival of the end of the year, a time they can spend enjoying cool, frigid breezes while at the same time, exhibiting Read more about Lahore Wintertime: A Frigid Tale[…]

Thoughts: A Matter of Perception?

By: Meryum Hayat A mere droplet of water can ignite a fire of optimism in a person’s eye that is deprived of this necessity, whereas another person may inconsiderately overlook the same droplet of water. This is a minute example of how difference of perception is surrounding us and how we conceive our world according Read more about Thoughts: A Matter of Perception?[…]

Saving The Earth- Are You Playing Your Part?

By Nayha Bano Khan SEPLAA Summer Intern, 2015 Almost throughout the year, most of us live carelessly. We absentmindedly toss that yellow packet of salted Lays on the ground, even though the dustbin is lying just a few meters away. We cut up chart paper in Art class, only to leave the scraps fluttering on Read more about Saving The Earth- Are You Playing Your Part?[…]

Social Media- A menace for students?

By Nayha Bano Khan, SEPLAA Summer Intern 2015. It is believed that social media is a blessing for students, considering the multiple ways in which it aids students in their studies, especially in the field of research. However, many students have been plagued by its negative influence. Instead of using it to their advantage to Read more about Social Media- A menace for students?[…]