Water: A Gift

By: Shahzeb Khan Water is truly important, Arrives from a source distant, Every year we have monsoon showers, Which bring to life, attractive flowers, All of us need water for our health, Whether or not we possess any wealth, Children anticipate jumping in the pool, Especially on hot days in school, Next to our cities Read more about Water: A Gift[…]

My name is Earth…

By Amal Farooq Malik Co Founder SYLC & Editor SYLC Childrens’ Voice Blog   Hello, I’m terribly hurt can you help me? Please, first start off by planting a tree. Now help out those sea creatures who can’t plead, Stop polluting the sea and fulfil their need. This smoke makes me cough and it’s hard Read more about My name is Earth…[…]

Rosie Reads

A Poem by Amal Farooq Malik, Age 10 years. From the book ‘Amalishous, a collection of short stories and poems’ by Amal Farooq Malik.   This poem was read aloud by Amal during the Closing Ceremony of the 7th Children’s Literature Festival held in Lahore. Little Rosie, oh so small, Not too short and not too Read more about Rosie Reads[…]

School Rules

By Dina Farooq Malik, Age 8 This poem was written by Dina for the 7th Children’s Literature Festival held in Lahore which she read aloud during the Closing Ceremony.   I love to go to school, Because Maths is really cool,   My teacher tells me to take a stool, And not think about the Read more about School Rules[…]