My name is Earth…

By Amal Farooq Malik Co Founder SYLC & Editor SYLC Childrens’ Voice Blog   Hello, I’m terribly hurt can you help me? Please, first start off by planting a tree. Now help out those sea creatures who can’t plead, Stop polluting the sea and fulfil their need. This smoke makes me cough and it’s hard Read more about My name is Earth…[…]

Saving The Earth- Are You Playing Your Part?

By Nayha Bano Khan SEPLAA Summer Intern, 2015 Almost throughout the year, most of us live carelessly. We absentmindedly toss that yellow packet of salted Lays on the ground, even though the dustbin is lying just a few meters away. We cut up chart paper in Art class, only to leave the scraps fluttering on Read more about Saving The Earth- Are You Playing Your Part?[…]