Challenges in Pakistan


Countless children across Pakistan suffer from life threatening blood disorders that they can barely pronounce or even begin to comprehend.

There are over a 150,000 cases of thalassemia major in Pakistan and hundreds of silent carriers. This staggering number increases daily and along with a lack of medical awareness, lack of financial aid and a harsh, survival based lifestyle, many underprivileged children’s critical illnesses are going unnoticed.


With the lowest literacy rate in the world, it is hardly a surprise that millions of underprivileged children across the nation do not get the chance to open a textbook, let alone read a road sign or the mere label on a candy wrapper.

It is rightly so to presume that disadvantaged families hardly give any consideration to providing a good education to their children when their major concerns are trying to make ends meet. Pakistan has recently passed laws greatly limiting child labor. Nevertheless, some 11 million children, aged four to fourteen are currently working around the clock in brutal and often squalid conditions

Consequently, their education is compromised, resulting in a bleak future.


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