In September 2012, Amal and her sister Dina asked their mother (Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, Founder of SEPLAA) if they could start a separate forum for children like the SEPLAA Foundation where they too could contribute to their community. The idea was discussed thoroughly and the children were given special training sessions to determine what they really wanted to do. It was then decided that the platform would be created as an international forum run by children for children in Pakistan and would infact be established as the first of its kind! The idea for the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club was then thoroughly researched and the project was then officially launched in November 2012.





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  1. The SEPLAA Thalassemia Awareness Ambassador Training Programme 2013 n SEPLAA YLC orientation was very informatative n I thank SEPLAA for providing us esp the children with this platform ! Job well done SEPLAA team!

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