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January 2016 – Seplaa Young Leaders' Club International

Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery

By: Meryum Hayat Everyday, we face different situations that manage to stretch a smile across our face. It can be some humorous encounter, a mere helping hand, and, admittedly, sometimes even someone else’s veiled torment. Just recently, I visited the Mall of Lahore, which has been accommodating a couple of parrots since the last two Read more about Finding Happiness In Someone Else’s Misery[…]

Water: A Gift

By: Shahzeb Khan Water is truly important, Arrives from a source distant, Every year we have monsoon showers, Which bring to life, attractive flowers, All of us need water for our health, Whether or not we possess any wealth, Children anticipate jumping in the pool, Especially on hot days in school, Next to our cities Read more about Water: A Gift[…]

Lahore Wintertime: A Frigid Tale

By: Nayha Bano Khan, Editor SYLC Young Leaders’ Blog Living in a city that undergoes seemingly endless, exceptionally hot summers, it comes as no surprise that most Lahoris eagerly look forward towards the arrival of the end of the year, a time they can spend enjoying cool, frigid breezes while at the same time, exhibiting Read more about Lahore Wintertime: A Frigid Tale[…]

My name is Earth…

By Amal Farooq Malik Co Founder SYLC & Editor SYLC Childrens’ Voice Blog   Hello, I’m terribly hurt can you help me? Please, first start off by planting a tree. Now help out those sea creatures who can’t plead, Stop polluting the sea and fulfil their need. This smoke makes me cough and it’s hard Read more about My name is Earth…[…]

Thoughts: A Matter of Perception?

By: Meryum Hayat A mere droplet of water can ignite a fire of optimism in a person’s eye that is deprived of this necessity, whereas another person may inconsiderately overlook the same droplet of water. This is a minute example of how difference of perception is surrounding us and how we conceive our world according Read more about Thoughts: A Matter of Perception?[…]